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Football League Management Website Features

Take a look at some of the features below that come with our Football and Sport League Management Website. This is not a complete list of features; it really must be seen in full.

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Our focus for the design of the League Management System has been around making it as user-friendly and time-saving for you to use as possible.

Your sports league management website will have its own unique design

Unique/Responsive Design

Unlike other league management websites/systems, regardless of what package you opt for, you’ll get a completely bespoke and unique design. A design that uses your images, your logos and brand. The design is not a templated approach.

In addition to this, our websites are fully responsive which means they adapt and scale down regardless of the device you are viewing it on.

Your sports league management website will have its own league tables, grids and fixtures list

League Tables

Easy to view and understand, fixtures lists, league tables and even a fixtures grid to make it even easier to keep track of the full season.

Your sports league management website will have an admin setup page for you to setup your own leagues and divisions

League Setup

Create your leagues, then create your divisions, and finally the teams within each. Our league setup page makes the setup as quick and easy as possible with just a few clicks. As a bare minimum all you need is your league and team names. But if you want to go into more detail you can store team contact and website details.

Your sports league management website will have its own team setup area, create all your teams

Player Setup

You can easily assign team captains a username and login to the website where they can login and add their own game results.

You will have the ability to create your own fixtures with our football and sports league management website system

Scheduling Fixtures

Easy adding of fixtures; date and 2 team names is all you need! Depending on the package you opt for, this can also be done via a database import. We realise this can be a laborious task entering fixtures at the start of each season, but we make this process simple and as time saving as possible.

Upload or import your match and fixture results with our football and sports league management website system

Updating Scores

After each game has been played, either the team captain or the website administrator can easily go in and enter the game results. If player stars are enabled with our Semi-Professional package, you will have the ability to select the players who played on our score card.

All the team and player stats you could want with our football and sports league management website system

Player Statistics

With the Semi-Professional and Professional packages, you will have player statistics. After the result has been added for each game, you’ll be asked to complete a score card which lists the players who played in the game and who scored. Throughout the website stats of players will be automatically calculated and pulled out. For example, individual stats on player’s pages and overall player stats tables giving information such as top scorers and top average scorers, all if which can be filtered per teams, divisions, leagues and players sex.

football and sports league management website system

Website Administration

You can easily add content pages as you please with the website structure and editor. Easily add new pages, and then drop in your content within an editor much like Microsoft Word.

Your get our task manager dashboard with the football and sports league management website system

Admin Task Report

Administrators of the website have the ultimate dashboard, so they don’t need to go into individual league tables to see who’s doing what. Our task manager will flag up when matches are due to have their scores submitted. Task manager will also indicate the amount of games scheduled for each team and the amount of players that have been registered amongst other things.

football and sports league management website system

Referee Administration

Within the website there are options for a directory of referees and allocation to matches. Just like the fixtures and player stats, referee statistics can be pulled off and provided in many different forms.

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